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Social media used to be considered as something optional and nice to have for businesses. Today, it's considered a must. One of the most popular social media sites today is Facebook, and every business should have a presence there. But setting up a business page on Facebook can take up a lot of your time if you don’t know what you are doing. Follow these simple steps below and you will have a smart and effective business page up and running in no time.

Step 1: Choose a Category

Click here to begin setting up your page on Facebook. The first thing that you will need to do is to choose one of the six classifications that your business falls under. Decide if your business is a local business, art or public person, a company, entertainment, brand or product, or a cause. After choosing, you will be asked for your business' name and for some location information. Make sure that you enter the correct name and category for your business, because once the page has been created, that information cannot be changed.

Step 2: Add a Profile Picture

Now your business page will need a face. Upload an image for your page and be sure that it's an image that you would like to use to represent your business, as it will appear as the symbol beside your comments and every time that you make an appearance in the news feeds. Most people typically choose their company logo. Your image will need to be at least 180 pixels by 180 pixels in size.

Step 3: Add a Description

The next section that you will need to fill in for your business page is the 'About' section. This short 2-3 sentence write-up will serve as the description for your small business. Because it will be on your main page, ensure your description is creative and clear, that it succinctly summarizes your business, and that it captures the attention of visitors quickly.

Step 4: Add your Website Info

After you have written your 2-3 sentence description for your small business, include a link to your business’ website. You can also set up a Facebook web address for your business page. Create one that is memorable, stands out, and reflects your business.

Step 5: Add a Cover Photo

One of the first things that people will see when they visit your business page is your cover photo. This cover photo (851 pixels x 315 pixels) is quite a bit larger than your profile picture (180 x 180) so it will jump out at your visitors. Make sure that it is a good quality image. And again, choose a picture that will be memorable and that is an accurate reflection of your business.

Step 6: Begin Posting

Now you are ready to begin posting on your small business Facebook page. Variety is the best approach for Facebook posts. Change up your media approach with blog links, videos, stats, humor, and images. Keep your posts fresh and keep them rolling. This will help build an active base of friends and potential customers. Your page will be a great place to keep people updated about important events and announcements concerning your small business. Give your posts some personality as well so that your visitors can see a human side to your business, but always keep things on a professional level. Never use your business page to post personal or irrelevant items; use your personal Facebook page for that.

After following these six steps, you will be well on your way to having an effective Facebook business page. Be sure to monitor your page carefully after your page is up. Responding to messages and comments is very important, as it shows your visitors that you care and are listening to them. Create some interesting and informative posts on a regular basis and you will build up your list of friends in no time.

About the author: Greg Smith works for a local marketing firm. After helping them set up the page, Greg helped one of his customers, Custom Corntoss, market their cornhole board decals on the company’s Facebook page.

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